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IlS aiment l’AFC!

You will find on this page some feedback from our members and students!

If you love the AFC too, leave a comment on this page by filling the form below (We look forward to hearing from you). Merci!

  • AFC, vous êtes un vrai trésor!! Chez-vous, j'ai trouvé les meilleurs profs, des nouveaux amis, et bien sûr, un amour de la langue française qui croît chaque semaine! Vous me rendez très heureuse! S. Student. 02/2019

  • I had a wonderful private tutoring experience from January through March this year. It was simply one of the best foot forwards I took to continue my lifelong desire to learn French. Murielle was friendly professional, supportive, prepared, cultivated and a superb listener. She totally put me at ease as I paused and sputtered my way through gaining fluency in French. M.Student. 04/2019

  • Our children have been participating in the children’s programs of the Alliance Francaise for the last two years and we cannot day enough wonderful things. Our children bounce out of each meeting of Le Club using their French and with smiles on their faces. As parents, we are endlessly impressed with the director’s imagination, commitment to the AFC, and genuine interest in broadening our children’s horizons. We are so grateful to have an organization like the AFC in our community. H. parent. 06/2019

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