Quoi de neuf a l’aFC?



A quorum being present, Ridge Porter, President, called the meeting to order at 5:40.

Mr. Porter introduced Nelly Sadoun and Margerite Bickel from the Alliance Francaise of Washington and welcomed them to the meeting.

Upon motion made and seconded, the minutes of the prior annual meeting were approved.

Mr. John Vernon, treasurer, being out of town, Mr. Porter gave the treasurer’s report.

            Our year to date surplus is over $9,600.  We were awarded a $5,000 grant from BAMA,

            Which will support our after-school programs.

            The annual garden party was very successful.

            The Alliance Francaise currently has over $50,000 in cash in the bank.

Mr. Porter gave the Presidents report:

Valerie Puaiati has been our Executive Director for the past year, but due to her husband’s employment, must leave us this year.  Mr. Porter congratulated Dr. Puaiti on a successful tenure as our Executive Director and wished her well in the future.  Ms. Sophie Parson will become our next Executive Director in August.

Mr. Porter recognized Roulhac Toledano, a retiring board member, who has been a staunch supporter of the Alliance Francaise de Charlottesville for many years.  Mr. Porter thanked Ms. Toledano for her generous support, including allowing us to use her home repeatedly for events and functions.

Ms. Nelly Sadoun, from the Alliance Francaise in Washington, addressed the meeting.   She congratulated the AFC de Charlottesville on our success and growth, and offered to give us assistance and support in the future. 

Dr. Bruce Carter gave the report of the Nominating Committee.  The following were nominated as officers and directors:

For two year terms as directors—Martin Bass, Anne Ferre, Ginger Graham, Marjorie Hirshi, Nicole Kardell, Emily Martin, Barbara Sieg and John Vernon.

For officers—Nicole Kardell, president; Marjorie Hirshi, vice president; Jean Howell, secretary and Martin Bass, treasurer.  A motion to approve the nominations was approved without objection.

Mr. Porter presented a banking resolution to change bank signature authority to coincide with the new officers.  The resolution was passed without objection.

Nicole Kardell, newly elected president, addressed the meeting.  She said that the AFC is strong, but vowed to continue on its positive course.  Ms. Kardell recognized past president Ridge Porter and thanked him for his excellent service.

Ms. Kardell announced that Culturetheque will be a new feature to be offered to the members.

Following a fire which did significant damage to the Alliance Francaise of Fresno, California, Ms. Kardell proposed that we make a $500 donation to the Fresno chapter to assist them in recovering.  The motion was passed without objection.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Martin Bass, Secretary/Treasurer

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It is with deep sadness that we looked on, alongside the rest of the world, as flames engulfed Notre Dame de Paris. The cathedral is an important symbol of French history and culture, a timeless monument that has welcomed all, protected many, withstood war, weather, and millions of tourists annually.

Our thoughts are with the French near and far. We take heart in French President Emmanuel Macron’s inspiring words: https://www.lemonde.fr/societe/video/2019/04/16/incendie-de-notre-dame-nous-la-rebatirons-declare-emmanuel-macron_5450629_3224.html (full speech at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY7aQdrSSZ8).  «Nous rebâtirons Notre-Dame, parce que c’est ce que les Français attendent. Parce que c’est ce que notre Histoire mérite. Parce que c’est notre destin profond.»

We at the Alliance Française of Charlottesville express our sorrow at this great loss and our hope that Notre Dame de Paris will be restored to her great glory. President Macron called on the “grand talent” of the world to join in this project. We will look for ways to help too and will shares these with you.