Discover Le Club, become a member and check out our Spring 2019 semester schedule!

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What is "Le Club"?

Le Club is a unique immersion program in Charlottesville for children ages 4 to 10

Once a month rendez-vous is set in a different location in town for an afternoon of activities 100% in French

A week prior to the event, a booklet of activities is sent (vocabulary sheet & games etc.) to give our members a chance to discover the monthly topic and vocabulary. Monthly topics are related to French speaking countries cultures but not only!

On the event day, Le Club native teachers Sophie & Raphie meet with the group at the drop off point and "c'est parti!" for an afternoon of Fun in French! 

The event usually includes (depending on the location): an introduction to the monthly topic, a presentation by a French speaking member of the community, cooking & sport sessions, crafts, vocabulary activities, songs and games!

All activities are in French and members are encouraged when speaking to the teachers or other members to use French as well.

Le CLUB - Spring 2019 Schedule

!NEW! Throughout the semester Le Club members will have the opportunity to exchange with penfriends from Crecy sur Serre Elementary School, France.

1 - January 25th - 4pm - La Bande Dessinée Francophone – AFC

Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs etc... Comic books heroes are a big part of every French kid childhood! Join us for the first event of the semester to discover the universe of French (and Belgian of course!) comic books.

2 - February 8th - 4pm - La Galette des Rois avec nos amis de la Maison Francaise - UVA French House

Long time no see! Our friends from the UVA French House have invited us this year again for a very special cooking session. This time we will prepare (and share!) one of the greatest French specialty – la Galette des Rois! So who will be crowned kind/queen of the day? Come and see!

3 - March 8th - 4pm - Une après-midi au Maroc - AFC

We promise you an afternoon of adventures for this third event. We will be joined by 2 very special guests to learn more about Morocco. Costumes, tea, music, dances etc... it will for sure be the most colorful event of the season – don’t miss it!

4 - April 12 th – 4pm - Ca ne mange pas de pain – Marie Bette

What can be more typically French than a bakery? Join us and Marie Bette staff for an exclusive visit and demo. Le Club members will be able to ask all the question they have about “pain au chocolat”, croissant”, “baguette”, “quiche” and much more. A warm thank you to Jason and Patrick for opening their door to us!

5 - May 11 – Le Club chante! - Festival of cultures – Downtown Charlottesville

We will meet on Fri. 10 at 3.30 for 1h30 of rehearsal before our performance on Saturday at the Festival.

6 - June 6 – 4pm - Dites “Ouistiti!”- Highland Gardens, James Monroe’s Estate

For the last event of the season, we invite our Le Club member to an (hopefully outdoor) photo session at Highland. Light, perspective, positioning etc... A professional photographer will teach us how to make the perfect photo shooting! Do not miss that exclusive opportunity!

Prices for Le Club Spring semester

Enroll 1 child = $108 / 2 children = $192 (for the 6 events)