Discover Le Club and become a member!

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What is "Le Club"?

Le Club is a unique immersion program in Charlottesville for children ages 4 to 10

Once a month rendez-vous is set in a different location in town for an afternoon of activities 100% in French

A week prior to the event, families receive a booklet of activities (vocabulary sheet & games etc.) to give our members a chance to discover the monthly topic and vocabulary. Monthly topics are related to French speaking countries cultures but not only!

On the event day, Le Club native teachers meet with the group at the drop off point and "c'est parti!" for an afternoon of Fun in French! 

The event usually includes (depending on the location): an introduction to the monthly topic, a presentation by a French speaking member of the community, cooking & sport sessions, crafts, vocabulary activities, songs and games!

All activities are in French and members are encouraged when speaking to the teachers or other members to use French as well.

!FALL 2019 schedule will be posted by the end of August 2019! We promise you new exciting event around town… and tons of Fun & French of course! Be on the look out for registration opening as our program fills very quickly! A bientôt!

Past events with Le Club include: Field trip to Monticello to discover the life of le Marquis de LaFayette, Photography masterclass at James Monroe’s Highland with a French professional photographer, Cooking lesson at Marie Bette, Visit of the UVA McCormick Observatory, Crepes Making session at the UVA French House, Christmas Market at Kardinal Hall, End of the year celebration in French speaking countries, One afternoon in Morocco etc… Le Club is proud to work with small and locally owned businesses!

And while you wait for the Fall 2019 schedule read what our children and families have to say about Le Club!

Our three young children have been participating in the children’s programs of the Alliance Francaise for the last two years and we cannot day enough wonderful things. Our children bounce out of each meeting of Le Club using their French and with smiles on their faces. As parents, we are endlessly impressed with the director’s imagination, commitment to the AFC, and genuine interest in broadening our children’s horizons. We are so grateful to have an organization like the AFC in our community. H. Parent, 06/2019

Fantastic! Love blend of academic materials in advance with fun activity. Love reports and fun photos after the events. You have far exceeded my expectations- bravo! G. Parent, 06/2018

My child really enjoyed the Le club this year. He looked forward to the meetings and didn't mind doing the worksheets ahead of time to prepare. I think it does a great job reinforcing that French is just not something that occurs during school. A. Parent, 06/2018

I think everything you did for Le Club was great. It was like a real lesson plan. Plus having it all in French is huge! I'd sign the kids up again for next year. Both really like Pétanque. H.Parent, 06/2018